Welcome to the Berlin International Women’s Club

We represent women from all around the world and from all walks of life; we have more than 300 members from 45 nations and we communicate in English. We strive to foster mutual understanding and tolerance through cultural exchange, friendship and support. We currently have lots of different activity groups which host events almost every day.

The Club was founded in 1992 and since then, we have relied on the volunteer work of our members. Please come and share your talent or skills. Becoming a member of BIWC means sharing our world of vivid cultural and social exchange and developing international friendships in the interesting, diverse community of Berlin.

Whether you are a long-time resident or have moved to Berlin recently, you are welcome to become a member.The two monthly Meet & Greet meetings are your first point of contact.

Photo Brigitte Jaeger 2016

Former BIWC member returns to Berlin and rejoins the Club. Welcome back, Brigitte!

Hello, I’m Brigitte Jäger, and I was born and raised near beautiful Vienna, Austria. When I was employed by Coca-Cola, I had the opportunity of working in several managerial jobs across Belgium and Ireland, before moving with the company to Berlin. This city took my heart by storm, and I decided to stay. From 2002 to 2008, I also was member of the BIWC and held the position of social events’ coordinator for several years and I was also coordinator of a Neighbourhood Group. Then another interesting job called and I decided to leave Berlin and move to the Czech Republic. Now I am happy to be back in Berlin and decided to rejoin the Club. It is like coming home, many ladies I had met during my first stint with the Club gave me a warm welcome, whilst I’m also looking forward to getting to know new members who joined during my absence.

I am now working with one of the largest global outsourcing companies, an Indian organisation, and hold a global managerial role. This means that my focus will be on evening meetings, but I shall also be travelling on business quite a bit. I hope that I will find other Club members who would like to enjoy a good glass of wine, visit a great concert or participate in an event arranged by one of the Special Interest Groups.
When in Berlin, I like going to the gym regularly for a healthy balance, attending concerts (there is so much on offer in Berlin!) and enjoying a relaxed evening with friends. Last but not least, I of course enjoy Club activities so that I have an optimal work-life-balance.