Berlin International Women’s Club

The Berlin International Women’s Club (BIWC) unites women from different cultures and strives to foster mutual understanding and tolerance through cultural and social exchange, friendship and support.

We currently have about 30 activity groups organised by volunteers, catering for every interest and taste. You can learn more about the Club under About Us. To find out about our activity groups, take a look at the Activities section.

Long-time residents and new Berliners alike are welcome to become members: How to Join will guide you through the process. Our monthly morning and evening Meet & Greet meetings are your first point of contact.

Activity Highlights in July:

Enjoy the summer with gardens and lakeside strolls and afternoons in the sunshine with friends!

  • A lovely potluck garden party, all in white
  • A visit to Friedrichshagen, on the shore of the Müggelsee—a famous chocolate shop, a swim, a lunch, a street of village-like shops …
  • A visit to the Karl Förster perennial garden, part of the Potsdam-Sanssouci UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • A discussion of the book Medea and Her Children, by Ludmila Ulitskaya, about a Greek’s family’s summer holidays on the Crimean Sea, in the context of the upheavals of twentieth- century Russian life.
  • A visit to the Israeli Embassy and an interview with our club member, the Ambassador’s wife, an outstanding professional who has worked for the U.S. and Israel with top press, politicians, diplomats and think-tanks from across the globe.
  • A walk in Kladow, on one of Spandau’s most beautiful trails along the Havel, with a stop at a newly renovated estate, Gutspark Neukladow
  • A visit to the Nikolaikirche in Mitte, the oldest church in Berlin, now a museum and venue for concerts and art exhibitions.
  • A visit to the Alexander Haus in Groß Glienicke, the subject of the popular book, The House by the Lake: One House, Five Families and a Hundred Years of German History, by Thomas Harding.

Or just relax at a business lunch in an elegant restaurant in the heart of Berlin, or a casual evening a Mexican restaurant in Wilmersdorf.  Members should check the July Newsletter for details of these and the Club’s other regular activities: conversation groups in four languages, sports, Mah Jong … enjoy the activities your Club offers!