Art & Architecture

Your coordinators are

Lisa Vogt and Daniela Lorenz

IMG_0332Daniela (on the right)

Born in Czechoslovakia she lived there, in the UK, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Russia, and for many years now she has lived in Germany. She is interested in languages, history, politics, architecture and art, the protection of nature, gardening, nordic walking and tennis.

She has been member of the BIWC since 2006 and started coordinating the activities of Art and Architecture in 2011. Berlin is for her a fascinating place which can be endlessly explored. She focuses on architecture, especially industrial architecture in the time of the rapid industrial development in Berlin at the end of the 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries – attractive architectual style based on historical models and often reconstructed with modern elements. The activities also include other architectually interesting buildings, churches, embassies, former army baracks and art exhibitions. They usually take up to two hours and afterwards we chat for a while in a café or restaurant. Daniela has enjoyed organising Art & Architecture on her own but was looking for someone to join her as it is much more rewarding to work in a team – and she found Lisa – an ideal partner.

Lisa (on the left)

Born and bred in Northrhine Westphalia, Germany, Lisa moved to Marburg and Bremen, lived in Manchester in the UK for a year and then came to Berlin with the plan to stay for two or three years before moving on. After more than thirty years she is still here because she realized that for her Berlin is the best place to be, that there is always something fascinating to be discovered no matter how long you have lived here. She is interested in languages, art, literature, theatre, film, music, politics, history, gardening, walking. Obviously Berlin has a lot
to offer …
Lisa joined the BIWC in 2000. When Daniela asked her to help coordinating Art and Architecture she did not think about it too long, because art and architecture are part of her life and working together with Daniela promised to be enriching. They share similar interests and always have a good laugh whenever they meet. It turned out to be an excellent decision: working in a great team and being rewarded by the positive feedback of the participants of the tours.
Some ot the activities Daniela and Lisa have offered so far: the former Borsig Factory in Tegel, the industrial courtyards near Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg, the Oberbaum City in Friedrichshain, the protestant church at Hohenzollernplatz, the Dutch, Mexican and Russian embassies, the exhibition of Susanne Ruof and old Tempelhof, artists´ studios in Wedding.

You are most welcome to join us!  Email us at, if you wish to know more about the upcoming event and the group.