Arts & Culture

Berlin has an unparalleled cultural scene, and we guide our members to some of the most interesting events, exhibitions and concerts in and around the city. In these groups, members not only find out more about Berlin, they also meet like-minded women who share similar interests.

The groups include:  

  • Art & Architecture
    Berlin is a fascinating place which can be endlessly explored. The focus is on architecture, especially industrial architecture, in the time of rapid industrial development in Berlin at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century – attractive architectual style based on historical models and often reconstructed with modern elements. Activities also include visits to other architectually interesting buildings, churches, embassies, former army barracks and art exhibitions. The visits usually take up to two hours and afterwards we chat for a while in a café or restaurant.
    Activities have included visits to the former Borsig Factory in Tegel, the industrial courtyards near Moritzplatz in Kreuzberg, the Oberbaum City in Friedrichshain, the protestant church on Hohenzollernplatz, the Dutch, Mexican and Russian embassies, the exhibition of Susanne Ruof and old Tempelhof, and artists´ studios in Wedding.
  • Exploring Berlin
    The Exploring Berlin team concentrates on giving interested BIWC members a look at lesser known Berlin sites, such as small museums and well-hidden, interesting locations. GROSS BERLIN lends itself to this mission in that it is made up of many small villages, each of which has or had its own centre.
    In time, these many villages grew together and in 1920 were incorporated to form what we now know as GROSS BERLIN. Additionally, Exploring Berlin sometimes also offers the opportunity to take a detailed look at better-known attractions. We see Berlin as a treasure chest of a infinite number of places to explore.
    Tour of the Rotes Rathaus
    On a Friday morning in October, the Special Interest Group Exploring Berlin met for a very interesting tour of the Rotes Rathaus, Berlin’s city hall. Our very knowledgeable tour guide Bettina escorted us from the grand foyer of the building entrance up to the third floor from which we could look out at the historical centre of Berlin, including the nearby Marienkirche.
    Bettina shared many interesting facts with the group regarding not only the history of the Rotes Rathaus but also the history of Berlin and its governance structure. We visited several impressive rooms on the third floor of the building, including the meeting room for the mayor and the deputy mayors from all of the Berlin neighbourhoods and a room where the mayor entertains children from Berlin for a Christmas party. Two highlights from our tour of the third floor included the wonderful sketches by Rolf Dübner of the faces of political and cultural icons from the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as an close-up view of the beautiful clock tower of the building framed by a bright, blue sky!

    Then we made our way down to the first floor of the building where we enjoyed visiting more impressive rooms, including the former library of the Rathaus, now a majestic hall with a beautiful salmon-colored ceiling, distinctive rows of columns, and a collection of sculptures. Our tour ended with a group photo in a room with stained-glass windows depicting the names and symbols of the different Berlin neighbourhoods. What a magnificent building!

    BIWC member Renee Burke

  • Gardens & Nature
    The range of activities covers practical gardening and planting, taking biological and ecological aspects into consideration, in Berlin and its surrounding lakes and forests. Boat trips, nature excursions, visits to contemporary parks and botanical gardens are just a few of the activities that are planned, also during the winter months.
  • Concert Goers
    Maybe you’d like to make an appointment for lunch. Where to go? How about the foyer of the Philharmonie, where a concert series has been running since October 2007: the Lunchkonzerte – Lunchtime Concerts take place every Tuesday at 13:00. Chamber music of supreme quality with free admission and good food – that’s the idea behind these concerts, and it’s been attracting Berlin’s finest musicians. The 40-50 minute programmes feature not only members of the Berlin Philharmonic and scholars of its Orchestra Academy, but also instrumentalists from the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester and the Staatskapelle Berlin, along with students from Berlin’s music conservatories.
  • the Science group
    Berlin numbers among Europe’s largest regions for science with four universities, four art colleges, seven universities of applied science, 23 state-recognised private universities, 22 urban technology parks and start-up centres, and 70 non-university research institutes.The Science Group offers regular events to learn more about sciences in general, about Berlin as the German capital of science and about how interesting, useful and entertaining science can be to all of us. The focus is on low-threshold activities, open to all levels of previous science knowledge.These events are sometimes restricted to members only, but sometimes they are also open for partners, family members, friends and guests.

Potential members are encouraged to attend our Meet and Greet monthly meetings to find out more about these activities. Members can find details how to sign up in the Club’s Newsletter.