Crafts & Games

We are very fortunate to count many talented ladies among our members who enjoy sharing their skills selflessly. Some of these crafts & games groups meet weekly, others once a month. By working on a common project, members often develop strong ties and close relationships, sharing and improving their skills at the same time.

These groups include:

  • Sew Creative

Every month, the group coordinator demonstrates how to make products such as handbags in different styles, cushions, children’s soft toys, mobile phone cases, aprons, Christmas and Easter gifts. Her demonstrations of freehand machine embroidery are very useful, such as how to insert zips. If you bring your own fabrics, you can take home what you make. Those who want to donate the sewn items receive fabrics from the coordinator.
Attending the BIWC Sew Creative Group will help you to use your sewing machine and improve your sewing techniques, whether you are a beginner or have quite a bit of sewing experience. Every time you will receive the easy-to-follow sewing instructions by email. Bring your own sewing machine, a pair of scissors, pins and a tape measure. A few ladies with no machines are always welcome for cutting out and generally helping. Ideas for new projects, fabric donations and finger food for the break are always welcome.
In January 2016, at the request of the nurses at the Björn Schulz Stiftung, the group made g-tube holders (a gastrostomy tube is used for long-term enteral nutrition) with nice patterns for children who have problems with nutrition intake through the mouth.

G-Tube pouches

  • Cook In & Dine Out
    Daytime, evening and weekend activities are on offer so that all members have a chance to participate, which hopefully they will!
  • Mahjong
    We now have three Mahjong groups that meet regularly in members’ homes. Although all the groups are presently full, more groups can be formed, depending on the willingness of newly-trained members to host games in their homes. Interest in evening sessions has also been voiced recently. Members who wish to learn to play the game are requested to get in touch with the coordinators, mentioning whether they would like to play in the afternoons or evenings. Training sessions will be arranged once there are enough interested members. Tips will also be given about sets and books to buy.


Potential members are encouraged to attend our Meet and Greet monthly meetings to find out more about these activities. Members can find details how to sign up in the Club’s Newsletter.