Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) consists of nine members who are responsible for the running of the Club. They are elected once a year at the spring Annual General Meeting. They ensure that the Club remains a non-profit organisation and continues to comply with the laws stipulated by the German government.    

Current EC members are:

President  Carol Marquardt 
Vice President Sophie Heckel 
Secretary Acting: Sharon Sams, Vice Secretary
Treasurer  Pierrette Wokon 
Social Events To be announced
Newsletter Editor Jutta Hansen 
Membership Secretary Sue Flaherty 
Public Relations Acting: Giulia Critelli and Liz Stolls, Assistant Public Relations
Web and IT Joan Luft

The Club Newsletter is distributed digitally to Club members ten times a year, including two double issues in July/August and December/January.

In every issue, one of the EC members addresses Club members. This is the March EC letter from our President:

Dear members,

My last year as president included the memorable year of our 25th Anniversary in October 2017. Thanks to the invaluable support of the History Committee I was able to prepare the bro-chure “BIWC – A Short History of the first Twenty-Five Years – 1992-2017”. For almost three years I read old newsletters and protocols, contacted former presidents and old members to ask them to contribute their memories. It was a fascinating trip down memory lane.

The 25th Anniversary party was a wonderful event, attended by 132 guests from all over the world. Former BIWC Presidents came from abroad and the President of the Paris IWC and the Vice-President of The Hague IWC attended the party.

Another highlight of this eventful year was our trip to Madrid where we were well re-ceived by members of the Madrid IWC, who promised to come for a return visit to Berlin. The IWC of Malta, which visited us in September 2016, has invited us to visit Malta this year. The intensification of our international relations is bearing fruit.

During the last year we had not only many lively social events but also a great num-ber of events organized by the Special Interest and Neighborhood Groups covering all fields of interest of our international membership. Our Vice-President, who is re-sponsible for the coordination of all these events, has counted 1560 participants in 27 groups. That is very impressive! My heartfelt thanks go to all the hard-working organ-izers and coordinators who have made this possible.

I also want to thank the EC members without whose active cooperation it would not have been possible to conduct the many activities of this club. My special thanks go to the Nomination Committee, which is tasked with finding enthusiastic volunteers for EC and non-EC positions, not an easy job these days.

The presidency is a time-consuming job, but it is very rewarding. I am proud and grateful that I was able to serve the club for three years and I wish my successor good luck.

Warm greetings,

Marlies Salazar, President



The February 2017 EC Letter was written by Diana, our current Social Events Coordinator.

The April 2017 EC Letter was written by Joan, our current Web & IT Coordinator.

The May 2017 EC Letter was written by Sylvia, our current Membership Assistant.

The June 2017 EC Letter was written by Sue, our current Vice President.

The October 2017 EC Letter was written by Marlies, our current President.

The November 2017 EC Letter was written by Monika & Sylvia, our Membership Team.

The December 2017 EC Letter was written by Diana, our Social Events Coordinator.