Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) consists of nine members who are responsible for the running of the Club. They are elected once a year at the spring Annual General Meeting. They ensure that the Club remains a non-profit organisation and continues to comply with the laws stipulated by the German government.    

Current EC members are:

President  Carol Marquardt 
Vice President Sophie Heckel 
Secretary Stephanie Mosler
Treasurer  Angela Andersen
Social Events To be announced
Newsletter Editor Jutta Hansen 
Membership Secretary Sue Flaherty 
Public Relations To be announced
Web and IT Joan Luft

The Club Newsletter is distributed digitally to Club members ten times a year, including two double issues in July/August and December/January.

In every issue, one of the EC members addresses Club members, and selected EC letters, which may be of more general interest, also appear here. This is the July-August 2018 EC letter from our Vice President:

Dear Members,

I would like to thank you for your trust in electing me as Vice President.

It’s an honour to be a member of the Executive Committee, and I now realise how much work takes place behind the scenes. My thanks to all the EC members. We work well together and are learning to better understand, respect and help each other. A special thank you to Carol, our President, who is guiding and helping me with a constructive and positive spirit. Thank you to Sue Rambow who gave me the opportunity to have a friendly transition. Last but not least, my thanks also to all the coordinators, volunteers and helpers, who are working very hard to keep our dynamic club so interesting and unique in Berlin.

In a world which is experiencing growing international instability, divisiveness, pressures and violence, I think the BIWC plays an important role by offering an inclusive, creative place, where differences are welcomed, respected and celebrated. More than ever, we need your cooperation and help to forge a greater, stronger and friendlier club.

Help us achieve this and make your club even stronger by sharing your ideas with us.

I wish you all happy, safe and relaxing holidays. I am looking forward to hearing from you and meeting many of you in the future.

Warm regards,

Sophie Heckel


The May 2018 EC Letter was written by Carol, our 2018 President.

The March 2018 EC Letter was written by Marlies, our 2017 President.

The December 2017 EC Letter was written by Diana, our 2017 Social Events Coordinator.

The November 2017 EC Letter was written by Monika & Sylvia, our 2017 Membership Team.

The October 2017 EC Letter was written by Marlies, our 2017 President.

The June 2017 EC Letter was written by Sue, our 2017 Vice President.

The May 2017 EC Letter was written by Sylvia, our 2017 Membership Assistant.

The April 2017 EC Letter was written by Joan, our current Web & IT Coordinator.