EC Letter May 2017

Sylvia, our current Assistant Membership Secretary, wrote the EC letter for the May issue of the Newsletter:

Sylvia_KraemerDear members,

There is an old saying: “If you need to get something done, ask a busy woman.” I’ve remembered this often while filling in for Monika, our Membership Secretary (visiting friends in Australia), and especially during meetings of the EC.

Everything BIWC members enjoy – social and cultural activities, meetings of Special Interest Groups, the Newsletter, the Directory – requires work and creativity to bring about. Yet we have no paid employees. Everything is done by volunteers who, in addition to the BIWC, have their own personal, family, and vocational lives to pursue.

The EC meets once a month normally in open session to review the Club’s activities, worry about its resources, and generally to ensure that the Club is meeting its commitments to its members. Sometimes the EC must resolve issues that require thoughtful, BIWC-specific solutions.

To illustrate: During the April EC meeting we tackled the challenge of making sure that the Club receives the membership fees necessary to continue its operations in a timely way, without unnecessarily harassing tardy members or burdening the Treasurer and Membership Secretary with fee-collecting.

Secondly, we are always keen to know our new members better to enable them to contribute their time and talents to the BIWC as much as they wish. Thanks to the involvement of three new EC members, Marilyn, Rita and Sue, we developed solutions that you’ll be hearing more about in the next few months.