Maro Marschall: Looking back at my 25-year membership of the BIWC

Member Maro explains the benefits of yoga

Maro @ BIWC’s AGM 2015

A Club like ours would have been a godsend when I first came to Berlin in 1971 as a young newlywed with no knowledge of German and often feeling homesick for the family and friends I had left behind in southern Africa. The Berlin Wall had been erected only 10 years previously and Berlin was right at the centre of the Cold War zone. Contact to members of the English-speaking British and American Forces was possible but limited.

When the Wall came down in 1989 and soon afterwards the BIWC was founded, I had already been living and working in Berlin for 20 years and during that time had also become a mother of two. Even though I was in the meantime an enthusiastic and well- integrated resident of this fascinating city that I now called home, and had not only long overcome the language barrier but had already also formed long-standing friendships with Germans and a lovely group of expats, becoming a member of the BIWC has been of enormous benefit to me and my family in the 25 years of its existence.

It has given me the opportunity not only to meet many wonderful women and their families from all over the world and make lots of new friends, but also to communicate in my mother tongue English on a daily basis, and to get to know Club members and the city of Berlin even better through all the cultural and other activities offered by BIWC’s Social Events Team and our Special Interest and Neighbourhood Groups.

Maro’s memories of BIWC’s Drama Group.