Penny’s Winners October 2017 Brasserie Colette

Tim RaueTim Raue is of course a favourite in Berlin, however his Michelin Star Restaurant is very, very expensive but he has now lowered his sights slightly with Brasserie Colette Tim Raue centrally located next to the KaDeWe, Passauer Straße 5-7, 10789 Berlin. There are also two others in Germany in Munich and Konstanz (on Lake Constance). Appearing in the 2017 Michelin Guide is also a positive sign and a good recommendation.

Attentive, friendly service accompanies good wholesome French Brasserie style food. We have eaten there several times for lunch and dinner and on every occasion we have not been disappointed. It’s a medium-priced restaurant with a large wine list to suit all palates and pockets. My husband’s favourite moment is eating their complimentary home-produced pickled gürkins served in jars together with bread, arriving at the table more or less as soon as we have taken our seats and washed down with his first glass of wine!

October is Trüffel month. In order to promote the French ones sometimes known as ‘black gold’ or the ‘diamond of the kitchen’ with a price to match that description, they are offering a 4 course menu in celebration of these exotic tubers. The finest black truffles come from the Périgord/Dordogne region of France. I have come to believe that one either loves them or hates them, there is no in between. However, although I ‘love them’, on occasion they can be disappointing and over-priced. We plan to eat there with friends towards the end of the month so I will report back on how they turned out as I am sure we, or at least I will try them. Never to miss a chance for something unusual and special, however at the moment I am unsure with what they will be served.

This restaurant is most certainly worth a visit and I suggest making a reservation.

October 2017; image courtesy of the Berliner Zeitung