Penny’s Winners

September 2017 sees the return of Penny’s Winners

Over the years, Penny’s restaurant recommendations in our Club Newsletter guided food aficionados through the multitude of Berlin restaurants and also some further afield. After a long break (and with a little arm-twisting from the web team), from now on she will be contributing regularly to our website.

Welcome back, Penny.

Here’s the background story on how she came up with the idea of writing a regular column in the Club Newsletter.

893 Ryotei

There are so many restaurants in Berlin but not all are value for money and that is the emphasis I place on any of my recommendations. Restaurants also change their head chefs from time to time and obviously they play an important role. I only recommend restaurants which I have recently frequented. If I find, for whatever reason, that their standard has deteriorated significantly, I will let you know.

Penny's Winners 0917_Frontage 893 Ryotei

I can thoroughly recommend Restaurant 893 Ryotei, Kant Straße 135, 10625 Berlin, a Japanese restaurant of some note. Please don’t be put off by the unusual frontage, the whole building is under preservation order and therefore the owners were not allowed to change the windows. It didn’t stop them from making a statement, they sprayed the windows with graffiti. Once through the doors into the inner sanctum, it’s a totally different picture. The owner came to Berlin as a refugee from Vietnam several years ago and he owns about 10 other restaurants in Germany. I believe he has just the right mix in this particular restaurant.

Penny's Winners 0917_Open Kitchen

There are two bars, one for drinks and one to eat at, both with high stools, so the customer can see the food being prepared. It’s fascinating to watch and also worthwhile, as when we’ve asked what are they preparing, they’ve given us titbits to savour. The service is impeccable and the first class produce is cooked, served and decorated to a very high standard. I can only sing their praises. They serve cocktails, wine, non-alcoholic drinks and, of course, the ubiquitous teas. I would say this is a medium priced restaurant, depending upon what and how much is ordered. Soup starts at 4€, starters about 10€ to 15€ and mains anything from 20€ to 35€. Reservations are a must. Doors open at 18.30 and there is invariably a queue outside just before the doors open, that is how keen the customers are.

BIWC Member Penny Fischer (UK); Photos courtesy of Artur Fischer