These regular activities include:

  • Morning walking groups
    If you enjoy being outdoors, staying in shape and engaging in interesting conversation over a good cup of coffee, you are welcome to join us for a weekly 6km walk around the beautiful Schlachtensee. You can walk at your own pace, share your views and thoughts with others or just enjoy the lovely landscape. We conclude our walk at the Fischerhütte for a drink and good company. What a great way to stay in shape!
  • Tennis
    Winter and summer alike the tennis group meets to play tennis every week. In summer we are outdoors enjoying the glorious sunshine, and in the winter we play indoors. Needless to say, it is always a very international group. We usually have twelve players often representing as many as nine countries.
    Even though there is a fairly regular turnover of players we manage to keep up a good standard of play – and above all have plenty of fun.
    After our hard work on the courts, most of the group find time to stay on for a refreshing drink and, most important of all, a chat! We get to know each other well in this special time off the court, and we treasure these friendships as well. We also enjoy gathering together for potluck lunches at members’ homes on special occasions.
  • Fun and fitness
    The weekly course offers a combination of different types of gymnastics, including aerobic warm-ups (such as badminton or ball games), pilates, yoga and other stretching exercises. All the equipment, such as balls, hand weights, resistance bands, flexibars, steppers, etc. are provided. Everyone works out according to their ability and we are trained by a physiotherapist. She has been with the group since it was first set up and ensures that everyone gets the most from the course. Lessons usually take place throughout the year, even without a break during school holidays (Christmas being the only exception).
    After sports, the group always meets up in the cafeteria for a well-earned coffee, snack and chat. Members occasionally lunch together at a local restaurant, and once or twice a year arrange a get-together, mostly a potluck dinner, together with partners.
  • Pilates
    On average there are around eight members participating in this group at a small ballet studio in Zehlendorf, and their charming trainer gets the best out of them in her friendly, motivating manner.
    Pilates is an intensive form of non-aerobic exercise concentrating on connector muscle groups and particularly strengthening the “powerhouse”, i.e. stomach, rib and back muscles, with visible results when done regularly. It has also helped members with their flexibility problems. All of the group have commented on the positive difference they feel.
    After lessons, the group always goes to a friendly local Turkish café down the road from the studio for a generous cup of coffee and delicious pastries and snacks. An enjoyable reward after an excellent workout!
  • Biking
    The biking group meets once a month during spring, summer and autumn. We ride to different locations in and around Berlin. The rides can be toward an historic venue, to a destination of particular interest or along a cycle path in the countryside. The route for each ride is planned ahead of time and details are sent to registered participants a few days beforehand. We meet at a train station in the morning and then mostly ride along designated cycle paths. We stop for a lunch break along the way and plan to arrive at our destination by mid-afternoon. It is a fun way to visit these places with friends from the Club.
  • Body Sculpting
    The Body Sculpting class combines cardiovascular, stretching and strength-training exercises to help  burn calories, increase flexibility and tone muscles all at once. The exercises target all major muscle groups. A variety of tools is used to help with strength training, such as small hand weights and resistance bands. Body sculpting focuses on core strength and stability. The result is newly toned or    sculpted muscles. Body sculpting can help you get in shape, tone the body and lose weight.Potential members are encouraged to attend our monthly Meet and Greet meetings to find out more about these activities. Members can find details how to sign up in the Club’s Newsletter.