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For nearly 30 years, we have been offering a wide range of friendly cultural, social and informative events to our many members in and around Berlin. We’re a member of Open Door and through this organisation have contact with other International Women’s Clubs not only in Germany but with other overseas clubs in Europe.

Our goal is to not only provide an English-speaking social environment for our members, but to provide them with the opportunity to volunteer their time and energy to work with our Club.

We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere not only for members who are new to Berlin. We have two monthly Meet and Greet sessions, one in the evening and the other in the morning. At these meetings you can meet Club members as well as some of the Coordinators of our Special Interest Groups. Our Membership Secretary usually attends both meetings to answer your questions about how to become a member.

We have many groups organising activities which meet on a weekly basis. Within the BIWC, you will be able to make friends, learn a language, play Mahjong, go walking, and get involved in social activities of all kinds, with like-minded women from over 45 different countries.

Here on our website, you can get a flavour of what we have to offer. We invite all women to Come and Share our World. As long as you can communicate in English, which is our Club language, we will be delighted to see you at one of our Meet & Greet sessions.

Registration is not required, just come along and meet our Membership Secretary.

When: every 8th of the month @ 17:00 until 20:00, every 22nd of the month @ 10:30 until 12:30

Where: every 8th of the month – Café Hardenberg, Hardenberg Strasse 10, 10623

every 22nd of the month – Kaffeehaus Mila, Grolmanstraße 40, 10623 Berlin

How to get there: neareast S-Bahn to Kaffeehaus Mila is Savignyplatz.  Café Hardenberg is not far from Zoologischer Garten, and Bus M45 stops close by.

We’re a friendly and welcoming bunch; don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Membership Secretary to find out more about us. Most of our members came to Berlin without knowing anyone, and have made long-standing friendships through our Club, learned new skills and developed new interests. We hope to see you soon!

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How can you become a member?

Women from over 45 countries have joined the BIWC community.

Inga Werdnick_President 2021-2

Our Activities

We provide a wide variety of activities and opportunities to enjoy the city of Berlin and meet like-minded women in your community. To begin, we encourage you to attend an upcoming Meet & Greet event to socialise and talk with current members. Once accepted as a Club member, you have access to many monthly social, cultural, charity, and more events.

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We provide a welcoming space for women of all nationalities to interact and get involved in Berlin life — using English as the common language. What do our current and former members have to say?

BIWC relies on volunteers to fulfil all its obligations and offer all the wonderful activities that are organised every single month. Every effort is appreciated no matter how big or small. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time out of your busy day. If you are ready to make new friends, improve your mental and physical health and maybe develop new skills or indeed share your skills in the process, please consider supporting your Club by giving something back. The Club needs you. Robbie


I want to help other members gain confidence in their own creativity. Beginners would be very welcome as well as those with some experience. I think the Club is such a great place for people who want to share their skills with others. We can all learn from each other. Lorena


The Club is a great way to expand my circle of friends and to meet like-minded women. Moreover, it is great way not to feel alone as you meet other women who are experiencing the same issues as they navigate through this wonderful city. Zeenat


I think the Club is fantastic. What is so good about it? Lots of things! We play a vital and unique role in the Berlin area. We help those who are new here to settle in quickly and feel at home, and then, through the very many activities, friendships can be further developed and interests pursued. The wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and ages of our members is remarkable. Where else would you have the chance to make friends with so many very different women? The monthly programme is truly impressive: there are just so many activities from which to choose. Hilary

Thinking back on the highlights of my time in Berlin, this group of women had one of the most pleasant impacts on my life there. Arriving in Berlin without a job, not knowing the city or anyone was at first a bit daunting. Waiting for the S-Bahn one day was a chatty Brit who unbeknownst to me at the time, delivered a meaningful suggestion to me. Being on the board of the Berlin International Women’s Club, she was promoting the Club to expats who spoke English. And so, I made a contact and joined the Club and the Writing Group. It proved to be a safe refuge, a non- judgmental group meeting mostly in one another’s apartments or homes with coffee and wine and many times hours of discussion; well this was a highlight of life for most all of us! It stayed my anchor and rock. I recently googled the Club to happily find that it is thriving and still in existence serving English-speaking women who very much need a connection to other expats and that’s good to know. Ann

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