Berlin International Women’s Club

The Berlin International Women’s Club (BIWC) unites women from different cultures and strives to foster mutual understanding and tolerance through cultural and social exchange, friendship and support.

We currently have about 30 activity groups organised by volunteers, catering for every interest and taste. You can learn more about the Club under About Us. To find out about our activity groups, take a look at the Activities section.

Long-time residents and new Berliners alike are welcome to become members: How to Join will guide you through the process. Our monthly morning and evening Meet & Greet meetings are your first point of contact.

Activity Highlights in April 

BIWC’s Spring Charity Bazaar

Spring Bazaar organisers and guest Barbara John

Guest of honour Prof. Dr. Barbara John, BIWC President Carol Marquardt, Organisers Sophie Heckel & Sarah Anna Psalti-Helbig. Photo courtesy of BIWC member, Karen Axelrad.

A message from Sarah to BIWC members:

As my plane is about to take off for Athens, I’m leaving Berlin with the sweetest memories I could possibly have. Since last July when I joined the Club, my life has become more colourful and exciting. Working on the Bazaar for the past eight months has been a great part of my everyday life. There were times when I thought the 13th of April was so far away – yet, here I am today, one day after our beautiful event, reminiscing over working together with the Executive Committee & the Bazaar Committee, learning valuable lessons from all of you and, of course, proving that together we’re stronger and can achieve great things. All of us together managed to raise €1800 for PAPATYA – the charity that we internally decided to passionately support. The money will help them publish a book to share success stories of education and empowerment found at PAPATYA – a solid foundation for these burdened young women to shed off all toxicity and shine bright in a future they choose.
And for me, that’s the beauty of BIWC; in our diversity, we all stand for the same values.
Thank you all for supporting the cause and for showing up to contribute, donate and volunteer at our Bazaar. May this be the beginning of a new era for BIWC where we boldly invite people to come and share our world!

  • Tour of the Haus des Rundfunks (Broadcasting House), an architectural landmark and the home of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.
  • Book discussions: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and various biographies of Thomas Jefferson.
  • A visit to the Berlin Verkehrsgesellschaft (BVG) U-Bahn Section, including a talk from the woman who manages the U-Bahn, and a look into the control centre and workshop.
  • An introduction to a current exhibition at a Schöneberg gallery–paintings on silk canvas by a Bulgarian artist, Stefan Todorov—along with a short workshop on “Looking Into Art”.
  • A visit to the exhibition at the Bröhan Museum illustrating European art movements that led up to the design work of the Bauhaus—from Britain (Arts and Crafts, Glasgow style) to Vienna (Secession) to Germany (Werkbund) and the Netherlands (De Stijl).