Just imagine that you have just arrived from abroad or elsewhere in Germany to live in Berlin for the first time. You don’t know where to live, how to find a job, how to find good school for your children or a good doctor or dentist, a reliable vet for your dog, nor where to shop. You have no friends or relatives in Berlin, and perhaps you don’t speak much German yet. Maybe you have lived in Berlin for many years, but enjoy meeting people from around the world and practising your English.

The Berlin International Women’s Club offers you a wonderful opportunity to meet all types of women. Our members have more than 40 different nationalities!

The international community of the city is growing. But how do they find and get to know each other? As is so often the case, women have taken the lead. In this respect the Berlin International Women’s Club is one of the most successful organisations. Dr. Elisabeth Binder, Der Tagesspiegel.


In a nutshell, this poem expresses the essence of the Berlin International Women’s Club:


We’re women, we’re international, we’re dynamic and keen. Speaking English helps to be part of the team.

We’re single, we’re married, we’re career women, we’re mums. We keep very busy, seldom ever glum.

We’re foreign, we’re German but  most of all – We’re extremely multicultural.

We’re professionals, we’re volunteers, we get things done. Our partners and families sometimes join in the fun.

Who Are We?  We’re all members of the BIWC.

Carol McNamara (British)
1st Vice President of the BIWC