BIWC’s Charity Work

Since 1992, the BIWC has supported various local charities and also projects further afield:

  • the HESTIA Frauenhaus (a women’s shelter in Berlin)
    • Ongoing donation request
    • Christmas 2015
    • BIWC’s 4th Annual Open Day in May 1996. This was the first BIWC Open Day which not only had the goal of assisting members and those of the international community to easier assimilate into Berlin life but also to support a local charitable cause. The charity selected was a women’s refuge in the former East Berlin. The aim was to fund a project to renovate the garden, provide a play area for the children and to purchase new bunk beds. Honorary Chair: Professor Dr. Rita Süssmuth (former President of the German Bundestag)
    • Penny’s Annual Tea Parties, a tradition first started in 2008
      • 2017: 10th Anniversary of Penny’s Annual Tea Parties. Penny’s Plan.
    • BIWC Fashion Show in November 2010 to purchase a vehicle to safely transport ladies and children staying at the Frauenhaus
    • Decorating at the Frauenhaus in 2012
    • BIWC’s 20th Jubilee Party in October 2012 to raise money to purchase an industrial washing machine together with a coin-paying machine
  • the Björn Schulz Stiftung (a children’s hospice in Berlin)
    • BIWC’s 6th International Fest in October 2000 to furnish and equip the new children’s hospice. Honorary Chair: Sabine Christiansen
    • BIWC’s 7th International Charity Fest in October 2005 to raise money for medical equipment and specialised beds for the children’s hospice Sonnenhof. Honorary Chair: Sabine Christiansen
    • An interview with BIWC member Beatrix Wehle on the subject of her voluntary work at the hospice
    • The two BIWC activity groups Sew Creative and Knitting & Stitching worked for months making beautiful items for the Sommerfest in August, 2015 and the Sew Creative group made many items for the BSS Christkindlmarkt in December 2015
    • The Sew Creative group made many items for the summer fair and the Christkindlmarkt in December 2016
  • Hellersdorf hilft e.V. (support for refugees in Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf).
    • BIWC donated €1.000 to Hellersdorf hilft e.V. in September 2015
  • Exilium and Street Kids (homeless children)
    • BIWC 5th Open Day in May 1998 to raise money for a project to get homeless children off the street. Honorary Chair: Professor Dr. Rita Süssmuth (former President of the German Bundestag)
  • the Dress a Girl project (South Africa)
  • Berliner Krebsgesellschaft e.V.
    Members of BIWC participated in the annual Avon Women’s Run in May 2016 and in May 2017

From the very beginning, through the tireless efforts of its members, the Club has supported these and other charitable causes by raising large sums of money or donating in kind.