Our international organisation is an informal and friendly way to meet other women of all ages and backgrounds through a rich variety of activities including business lunches, discovery visits to places of interest in the city and surrounding areas, sports and cultural groups, charity support work, and regular get-togethers.

Imagine you just arrived from overseas or elsewhere in Germany to live in Berlin for the first time. You don’t know where to live, how to find a job, how to find a quality school for your children, or a good doctor or dentist. You have no community in Berlin, and perhaps you don’t speak much German. We wish to be the perfect community for you. Or maybe you’ve lived in Berlin for years — and simply enjoy meeting people from around the world. We offer you a community to meet women of all backgrounds. Our members represent more than 45 different nationalities.

Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of nine members who are responsible for the running of the Club. They are elected once a year, normally at the spring Annual General Meeting. This year, due to the Corona pandemic, we conducted a postal vote. The results were published in the September Newsletter.

2020/2021 Executive Committee Members

Members of the EC 2020/2021

President Carol Marquardt
Vice President Jenny Adonopoulou
Secretary Jo Anne Thomson
Treasurer Juliet Wingert
Social Events Sabine McCrorie
Newsletter Editor Yvonne Lashani
Membership Secretary Sue Flaherty
Public Relations Gina Cisneros de Wolkers
Web & IT Agata Cruickshank
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Message from the Executive Committee

By |March 17th, 2020|

Dear Members, The Board has been following the developments surrounding the Corona Virus very closely. We made the decision not to publish the April Newsletter and ask all SIG Coordinators [...]

Our History

A very ordinary event took place in Berlin in late 1991. Two British women started talking while browsing in the same shop and decided to get to know each other better over a cup of tea. From that everyday occurrence, the BIWC was born. Debra Engler and Sharon Müller realised they shared the idea that Berlin needed an open international Club where women coming to the city from anywhere in the world could find a welcoming environment, using English as a common language. This was a unique idea at that time as the city’s existing women’s Clubs were aligned to specific nationalities.

At the time, Dr. Elisabeth Binder wrote in one of Berlin’s prominent newspapers Der Tagesspiegel:

The international community of the city is growing. But how do they find and get to know each other? As is so often the case, women have taken the lead. In this respect the Berlin International Women’s Club is one of the most successful organisations.

They discussed the idea with acquaintances and soon a small gathering of enthusiastic women in a Charlottenburg Kneipe persuaded the pair that their idea was a good one. The word spread and at the first meeting in April 1992 at a friend’s house, over 80 people turned up. The Club was founded. In October 1992, at what became the first Annual General Meeting, thirty-two members met and passed a resolution to officially register the Club in accordance with German Club laws. The following month, it registered its 100th member.

International Connections

The Club has since created international connections and is affiliated to the International Women’s Association which enables BIWC members to participate in the IWA Open Door scheme. A BIWC Associate Member scheme was also initiated for those members who move away from Berlin but want to remain in contact with the Club and its activities.

Charitable Status

In 1997, the Club, which is non-political and non-profit making, was granted charitable status by the Berlin authorities.

25 years …. And Counting

The Club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017 and its membership of 230 women continues to offer a friendly and enriching environment for newcomers. If Berlin is your long-term home or you are here on a temporary basis, you will be warmly welcomed.

Club Motto and Logo

Gold Else BIWC logo

The Club motto Come and Share Our World was first used in 1994. The Club logo, the Gold Else, which can be found on the top of Berlin’s Siegessäule (statue of the Victoria) was chosen as a symbol of international, strong, creative and positive women from diverse walks of life.

Meet our members

Member Lorena Fa Everatt

Member Lorena Fa-Everatt extensive travel career, including a spell in Frankfurt as an au pair, gave her plenty of new skills which come in useful now she is permanently settled in Berlin with her partner Craig and young step-son, Scott. As well as working in a pharma company, Lorena is also an aromatherapy advisor, having discovered that essential oils cured her own skin problems. She is studying for a specialisation in feminine health. She joined BIWC in May 2019 and in 2020 she is the Vice Social Events Coordinator.

Lorena from Spain
Member Zeenat Habib

Zeenat is Australian of Pakistani origin. She joined the Club in 2010, soon after moving to Berlin. The Club has given her the opportunity to meet women from different cultures and has helped her in getting to know Berlin. Zeenat enjoys attending the reading groups, business lunch and kool kiez whereby we explore different districts of Berlin. Zeenat left the Club for two years as she was working full time but rejoined in 2019, as she found that the Club is a great way to expand her circle of friends and to meet like-minded women. Moreover, it is great way not to feel alone as you meet other women who are experiencing the same issues as they navigate through this wonderful city. She served as membership secretary from 2015-2017, and in 2019 she was vice president of the Club. She was motivated to volunteer for this position as it was an opportunity to give something back to Club that has been a very comforting place to make new friends.

Zeenat from Australia
BIWC Member Lucy Jacobs

Lucy returned to Berlin in May 1991 after having spent the summer 1990 in the city between her 3rd and 4th years at university. Two weeks after graduation, she was on the plane and has never looked back! She became a member in 1994, after hearing about the BIWC at the farewell activities for the US military base. Sue Williams, membership secretary at the time, was there promoting the BIWC and Lucy thought it sounded like an interesting Club to join. Although she was already established in Berlin and not actively seeking contact to the international community, she says the Club did provide a wonderful opportunity to meet women from around the world.

Lucy from the USA

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