Art and Architecture 2018

From Baroque palaces to contemporary artists’ studios, from special tours of major museum exhibits to neighbourhood walks, the Art and Architecture group offers unique opportunities to explore the visual arts in Berlin and its surroundings.

Some of our 2018 excursions—always rounded off by a visit to an interesting cafe!–included:

A visit to the Bauhaus-Archive Museum of Design, with a tour of the “New Bauhaus Chicago” exhibit, the contemporary urban building project, with models of “tiny houses,” and a view of plans for a spectacular new building for the museum.

A visit to the historical Dutch Quarter in Potsdam and the Jan Bouman Museum—a little bit of the eighteenth century Netherlands planted in Potsdam!

A tour of the Tchoban Foundation’s striking new building in Prenzlauer Berg, housing the Museum of Architectural Drawing and its new exhibit, on loan from London, of beautifully colored early nineteenth-century illustrations of high points in architectural history.

Flight, Exile, Persecution” – a historically political walk along Hardenbergstraße and its surroundings. Interesting works of art, 19th and 20th century architecture, as well as present-day urban design solutions: a background of places reminiscent of Germans, Turks and Armenians who were persecuted because of their racial origins or political convictions.

The Humboldts in Tegel – A walk to and on the premises of Schloss Tegel, the 18th century mansion where the famous von Humboldt brothers, Wilhelm, the philosopher, linguist and diplomat as well as founder of the Berlin University, and Alexander, the natural scientist and discoverer, grew up.

A visit to the Belvedere Pfingstberg in Potsdam, an Italianate structure with fabulous views of Berlin, built in 1847 – 1863 by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV.

Silent Green – a very unusual new cultural event venue in Wedding. Berlin’s first crematorium, now a ‘Kulturquartier’.