We have over 100 members who each year volunteer to help the Club. However large or small the contribution, it is certainly appreciated by the Executive Committee (EC) and our membership. Among the volunteers, there are quite a few special members who have given their time and energy to the Club over long periods of time.

The Excellence in Service Award recognises BIWC members who are currently active in the Club, who have consistently made outstanding contributions, and who have displayed unselfish service to other BIWC members over at least the past two years. Quite often, these contributions to the Club have been ‘behind the scenes’. This honour is traditionally awarded at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM did not take place this year due to the Corona pandemic. The EC decided to award Janice and Julia an Excellence in Service certificate.


Janice joined the BIWC in the summer of 2017 and quickly became very active in organising various activities. She offered our Membership Secretary the use of her home to hold Welcome Coffees for new members and baked all the cakes herself. She made the new members feel very welcome. In 2018, when the Club didn’t have a Social Events Team, Janice came forward and offered to organise our Christmas event. Living in a central part of Berlin, Janice started the new Tiergarten Walking Group, which quickly became very popular among our members.

Julia was nominated for the Excellence in Service Award for her untiring work as a member of the Web Team for over five years. She has always been in the background keeping our website filled with news of the Club’s activities. When we wanted to launch the new website, Richard, our web provider, was in South America, working on a different time zone from Berlin. Julia has never had the mentality of a Monday to Friday work week, she worked at weekends and even took her laptop with her on holidays. When there was work that needed her attention, it got done no matter what day it was or where she was.
Megan with her award certificate and gift vouchers


Megan received special thanks for volunteering to design a new website for the Club which was launched in the spring 2020.

The EC also expressed their appreciation of the Special Interest Group Coordinators Thora (Morning Book Group), Lorna (Tennis Group), Mary (Film Buffs), Barbara (German Speakers) and Marion (Evening Book Group) who have organised their respective groups for 20 years and upwards.



The Outgoing Executive Committee 2019 / 2020

Caroline with her award and gift vouchers


Zeenat, Caroline and Ina were given a certificate and a gift voucher for the year they served on the EC. Stephanie received a certificate and a gift voucher for her two-year EC service. Ingrid, who assisted the Social Events Team this past year, was awarded a certificate of appreciation.