Wine-tasting and science debates, lunches and language skills, hikes in the woods—how many wonderful events the spring has brought us at BIWC!

Just a sample: Thanks to Eva and Sue for getting us into one of those behind-the-closed door places, the Parliament of Trees. (It has begun to be open to the public on Sunday afternoons, but the BIWC group got the place to ourselves one weekday, with a tour by the biographer of Ben Wagin, the artist who created the place.)

It was a perfect day at the end of April, with the cherry trees in bloom in this little paradise-garden tucked down between government office buildings. A few pieces of the Berlin Wall are here, hung with sometimes edgy artworks calling for peace and for care of the environment. And it was all simply overwhelmed with the spring, engulfed in flowers.

Of course we aren’t always so serious. Thanks to the inimitable Anne Marie for a happy “Girls’ Night Out” atop Bikini Berlin. Doesn’t this group look as if it’s having a wonderful time?

Photos: Girls’ Night Out, Inga Werdnik. Parliament of Trees, Joan Luft