The following activities will take place via Zoom video conference:

  • As of January, we have a new activity group LovinGerman. Every second Tuesday of the month the group will take a closer look @ German words and expressions.
  • Art & Architecture a virtual tour of the Humboldt Forum, which officially opened in December 2020 but can only be visited online.
  • Compass: Queen Nefertiti Part 1 and 2. A presentation by Dr. Francis Durocher.
  • Cook In & Dine Out: Peru, the best culinary destination in Latin America.
  • Reading Groups. Biographies: this group will discuss the life of Agatha Christie. The Afternoon Group will review Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell in January and Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens in February.
  • Spanish Speakers: you are invited to remember a song that was very special to you at some time in your life.
  • Walking Tiergarten: there will be a Zoom session every Thursday so that the group can keep in touch.

In addition, members can join the new group Wednesdays @ two F2F. They meet up @ the Sony Center. Members split up into groups of two and they walk in the Tiergarten, around the Potsdamer Platz or the Sony Center.