BIWC’s Special Interest Groups Sew Creative & Knitting & Stitching

Beatrix Wehle, the coordinator of Sew Creative, and other sewing enthusiasts were extremely busy making beautiful items in the months preceding the Sommerfest at the Björn Schulz Foundation which took place on 30th August, 2015.

Elyzabeth Simson, the coordinator of Knitting & Stitching, and members of her group were also very active, making new hats for the summer festival sale.

Beatrix reports: Many visitors came to the Sommerfest and we made € 450,00 on the day. Only two of the Sonnenkissen are left over, and a lot of the baby trousers and roll-up totes were sold.  We were really pleased to receive a donation – a sewing machine! I was very happy because ladies from the sewing and knitting groups also came to the party and learnt more about the work of the foundation and were able to see where all the items we had made can be purchased. To all of you a big thank you from the director and coordinators of the Björn Schulz Foundation.

The Björn Schulz Foundation is a hospice which offers help to severely and terminally ill children, adolescents and young adults, and their families.