Decorating at the Frauenhaus in 2012

This was an idea I had as a result of one of my visits, after having had a tour of the whole building. There are 60 beds for women and children with different sized rooms to accommodate small or larger families. I thought it was all looking rather depressing with an ochre colour on all the walls in the main areas – everywhere.

Firstly, I raised some money for this project and then I organised some members and friends to help me. Five of us went there on many occasions to clean, prepare and paint two kitchens and one sitting room. A second sitting room was planned and we had curtains for it but unfortunately there was a problem with water leaking through the ceiling which took a long time to resolve. We were therefore unfortunately unable to complete the second sitting room. I also purchased material for curtains and had these made by a member as well as some other soft furnishings.

Penny Fischer (British)