EC Letter December-January

Diana Groehn-ZaniewskiDear members, 

Positively and certainly my challenging, extraordinary and exciting third year as Social Events Coordinator is coming to an end, and again I want to start this letter by expressing my sincere thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported me, and to thank the Club for giving me the opportunity to get to know so many interesting people and develop close friendships with wonderful members.

I feel a strong responsibility, both on a social and a personal level, to meet the BIWC objectives, which are to encourage contact among members and to facilitate their integration into Berlin and German life.

During these three years the Social Events Team organized different types of events and accommodated as many members as possible by scheduling its events at different times, i.e. mornings/afternoons/evenings or weekends and by keeping the costs as low as possible, thus enabling the majority of members to attend. I feel privileged to have this position and am grateful to you for the enthusiasm with which you have supported our events during the years and for attending them in such large numbers. Muchas Gracias !!

My sincere thanks to Elyzabeth, Jacqueline, Esther and Piret for their enthusiasm, good ideas, and support during the activities.

We started 2017, a memorable year for our Club, with the Toast to the New Year at Eiko’s home, followed by the well-attended Annual General Meeting (AGM), a visit to the Ministry of Defence, the Avon Frauenlauf and, after eight months of preparation, one of the highlights of the year – our unforgettable trip to Madrid. The end-of-summer BBQ at Angelika’s summer home on a perfect sunny day in the best location was another highlight, as was an invitation to the Oktoberfest in Berlin.

The privilege of organizing the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner in October was one of most pleasant things that I have done for the BIWC in my years as a member. Many thanks to the 132 members and guests who gave the shine and success to this memorable event.

The wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and ages of our members is remarkable, and a true source of inspiration for me. I am very pleased to announce that the festive season event Stars of the Night will be at the beginning of December. We invite you to participate and share your many and varied entertaining talents. Then, in January, we will toast in the New Year!

Our Team is looking forward to seeing you at these events to celebrate our diversity and, at the same time, our friendship and common goals.

Piret and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families wonderful holidays during the festive season and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year 2018.

With warm regards,
Diana Groehn-Zaniewski (Peru)