Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) consists of nine members who are responsible for the running of the Club. They are elected once a year at the spring Annual General Meeting. 

EC Members 2019

(photo courtesy of BIWC member Karen Axelrad)

Our 2019 EC members are:

President  Carol Marquardt 
Vice President Zeenat Habib 
Secretary Stephanie Mosler
Treasurer  To be announced
Social Events Caroline Risch
Newsletter Editor Birgit Linde-Oswald
Membership Secretary Sue Flaherty 
Public Relations To be announced
Web & IT Ina Küller

The Club Operating Procedures (COP) are designed to assist the Executive Committee in the daily running of the Club. Here’s the English version:  COP February 2019.  

The BIWC Constitution is the legal and binding document of the Club. It’s available both in  English and German.


The Club Newsletter is distributed digitally to Club members ten times a year, including two double issues in July/August and December/January. In every issue, one of the EC members addresses Club members, and we feature selected EC letters on the website.

Sue Flaherty, Membership Secretary in 2018, wrote the EC letter this April:

I have had an exciting first year as your Membership Secretary and I am very much looking forward to yet another one ahead, in the hopes that you have been happy with my work and I am re-elected at the AGM.

Being actively involved in the Club is immensely satisfying from a personal and social aspect. I get to be the first contact with potential new members at both our Meet & Greets. As a Club, we have gone through a few changes this past year and we, the EC, hope that these have had a positive effect on you, our Membership, and the future of our Club.

As always we have had some turnover in the Club this year; however, I am confident that we will continue to find new members to experience the great things our Club offers, not only joining in with the planned events but also forming new friendships along the way.

I thank those members who attend our Meet & Greet get-togethers on a regular basis. This is a really nice way of catching up with fellow members and giving inspiration to potential new members with your experiences of the BIWC. Our March evening Meet & Greet fell on International Women’s Day and each lady, 18 in total, was welcomed by the waiters with a glass of Sekt.

If you have a question about Membership, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Thankfully, Sue was re-elected at this year’s AGM and will continue to be the Club’s Membership Secretary in 2019!

In the February Newsletter, Sophie Heckel, wrote her farewell letter (abridged version):

Sophie Heckel, VP 2018It has been almost one year since I was elected as Vice President of the Executive Committee. It has been a real pleasure for me to have had the experience to work with such a good team. I thank them all for their constant and tireless support.

My sincere thanks also go to all our group coordinators and volunteers who spend so much energy and time to organise and hold so many successful events. Did you know that the Club runs up to 525 activities each year! This is fantastic.

I will soon be leaving Berlin. However, I will always remember being a part of the BIWC as a highlight in my life. I have met some wonderful people and forged solid friendships. I am grateful to the BIWC to have given me the opportunity to meet such interesting people and to act as the French Group Coordinator and Vice President.