The German Speakers Group

German Speakers SIG Coordinators

Every two weeks on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 12:00 we meet in a nice café and read interesting texts or articles on different topics. The group coordinators, Barbara (right) and Marlies (left), always find a suitable article with very beautiful, yet easy to understand language.

Sometimes they invite us to their own homes, for example to celebrate Christmas in a family environment or to enjoy the summer on a lovely terrace.
Last time, member Elena invited us to her home. She had done a lot of work and had baked tasty quiche and two Alsatian-style fruit cakes.

But, of course, as always, we adhered “strictly” to the good German virtue: First work and then pleasure. With the promise of the cake in mind we concentrated on our article Verkaufen wir den BER einfach an die Chinesen, a gloss with humor and satire by Peter von Becker. After the exciting article, we enjoyed delicious French quiche and cakes with coffee and tea. All this tasted so good and so authentic that all the ladies felt that they were in France.

We thank Elena very much for the warm and “sweet” reception. We thank Marlies and Barbara very much for the organisation of this beautiful and interesting German Speakers Group. Many ladies also have the impression that our German, especially our reading ability, is making great progress over time. We always look forward to our next German Speakers Group meeting.

BIWC member Jinping (China)