We were headed for the trays of clever little refreshments at the Club’s AGM when my friend said, “This is a first, isn’t it?” We are both members of another Berlin organization as well as the BIWC, and the Annual General Meetings of the two organizations had come close together. “Two good AGMs in one week—can you believe it??”

It’s AGM season, and if you belong to volunteer organizations, own an apartment, or own shares in corporations, you know that AGMs aren’t always fun. Think of the speakers who drone on far too long; think of the microphone failures and projector failures and occasional instances of speakers missing the steps and falling off the stage. Think of the differences of opinion that get out of hand. (I remember the apartment-owners’ association where the annual meeting always degenerated into a bitter battle between the people who wanted stone lions by the entrance and the people who did not.)

But at the BIWC meeting this year (as well as the other organization my Club friend and I belong to), the necessary business was dispatched quickly, the organizational finances were in order, and capable volunteers had come forward to fill the open leadership positions. We’re fortunate! (Here’s the new Executive Committee, looking happy and ready for business.)

It was good to see each other again, after two years without regular AGMs. No stone-lion problems were in sight—and so no wonder that there were so many smiling faces!

Photo Credits: Karen Axelrad