The History of the BIWC

In the spring of 1992, two British women – Debra Engler and Sharon Müller – founded the Berlin International Women’s Club (BIWC). They both thought that Berlin needed an international women’s club with the English language as the basis of communication. Debra and Sharon rose to the challenge and, together with a group of like-minded women, the BIWC was established. They were made honorary members in 2000.

In October 1992, at what became the first Annual General Meeting, thirty-two members met and passed a resolution to officially register the Club in accordance with German club laws. Initially, the Club year was based on the academic one; in 1997, this was changed to the calendar year when the Club was granted its charitable status by the Berlin authorities.

The aim of the Club is to offer support to the international community, promote international business, cultural and social exchanges and to facilitate a better understanding of the city and country in which we are living. All nationalities are welcome to join including, of course, nationals of our host country. The Club is non-profit making and non-political in that it is not affiliated with any particular political party but we are concerned with political issues as they affect us. Above all, the Club exists for its members and members themselves may decide how active they wish to be.

If you are new in the city, perhaps feeling lost and isolated and are interested in getting together with other English-speaking women and joining groups designed to cater to your own interests, or if you’ve been here for a while and feel ready to make new contacts and be part of an active group of women who aim to make their stay in Berlin, be it long- or short-term, as enjoyable, interesting and beneficial as possible, the BIWC could be just what you’re looking for. Anne Janas, one of our early members, celebrates the diversity of the Club.

The Club motto Come and Share Our World was first used @ the Club’s Open Day in 1994.

Gold Else

Gold Else

The Club’s logo the Gold Else which can be found atop of the Siegessäule (statue of the Victoria) was chosen because she is a woman. She is an international. She is a strong and positive woman. She represents Berlin. She is not the Brandenburg Gate. She shows creativity and encompasses women from all walks of life. Just like us!