Dear Members,

I have been a member of the BIWC for a relatively short time (four years). With my “new member eyes” I can tell you I like what I see! When I was first approached about volunteering to help the EC (Executive Committee) by being the Vice Secretary, I must admit I was reluctant. I didn’t know the ladies on the EC, I didn’t know what happens in the meetings, and, as I have essential tremors, I can’t physically put pen to paper very well. What kind of secretary is that? Last year, the then Secretary and I switched positions and I became Secretary and she took over as Vice Secretary.

I can tell you today that our teamwork has been a joy. We have developed a strong friendship as we work together every month, usually at her flat, assembling all the paperwork that keeps the EC running smoothly. Not only has she helped me navigate the intricacies of the EC, as a native German she has given me tips on living in Berlin, such as finding good restaurants and the best stores for everyday needs. She has even given me tips on helping to find a puppy for my granddaughter! (That search is ongoing.)

And now the EC needs your help, too. We have several positions that need to be filled at the upcoming election. Won’t you consider volunteering your time and talents this year? Who knows? …. maybe you too will find joy in working with the ladies of this diverse and interesting Club.

Jo Anne Thompson
Secretary, BIWC