English: The language used to communicate at BIWC activities is English. As a non-native speaker, you have the opportunity to improve your English language skills by participating in the conversation group which meets twice a month. We revise grammar and read and talk about all topics that are in the news. Everyone is welcome, whatever your standard of English.

Various language dictionariesThere are two English-speaking book groups, the biographies group and the afternoon reading group which covers different fields of interest.

Other language groups also meet regularly:

French: Parlez-vous français? If you want to improve your French, come and join us. We usually meet twice a month and discuss French news or interesting subjects, characters etc. The article or video is sent to you by email before the meeting. A bientôt!

German: This group is one of the original Special Interest Groups first established in 1992, the founding year of the BIWC. Interested expats who would like to improve their German skills meet with the coordinators to read and discuss newspaper articles of common interest. In this way, they increase not only their conversational skills, but also gain a deeper insight into German culture and customs. Questions regarding “strange German customs” are often raised and answered and sometimes very lively discussions ensue!
The group meets twice a month. The group is very popular as we often meet in a café in different Berlin districts, so our members have the chance to get to know new places in this rapidly changing city.

“LovinGerman”? You will! At our meetings, we take a closer look at German words and expressions. When to use them? What is their origin? All German vocabulary is translated so you can join and have fun regardless of the level of your German language skills – beginners as well as advanced learners.

Spanish: Spanish Speakers is a friendly and active group of ladies of different nationalities who share the Spanish language as their mother tongue, and their countries share similarities in food, art, music and cultural traditions. A Spanish teacher conducts the monthly Spanish sessions. The group’s coordinator organises bi-monthly social and cultural activities which are open to all BIWC members who speak Spanish. A Christmas party, a New Year’s brunch and a summer lunch have become a tradition in this group.

Potential members are encouraged to attend our monthly Meet and Greet meetings to find out more about these activities. Members can find details how to sign up in the Club’s Newsletter.