Thank You – Outgoing Executive Committee

Many thanks to everyone for your hard work and continued dedication in these difficult times. It’s not easy to keep a club going when in-person meetings are impossible or at least highly restricted. Our Club always thrived on the interesting events and the vibrant spirit of our diverse members being together at the events. But you have proven that it can be done – you are all much appreciated and have my utmost respect and sincerest gratitude for all that you have done.

I have always felt connected to the BIWC even though I haven’t participated in any of the Zoom activities, simply due to the fact that I am in the US taking care of family issues, and the time difference makes it difficult to join. But I’m always there in spirit and thank you again for all that you and the entire EC have done for our Club!

I truly mean these words; we members need to be grateful for that and we can hopefully now start to look forward to better times ahead!

Lucy Jacobs, BIWC member and former Club President