Easter Monday 2020

Dear BIWC Ladies,

About ten days ago when Sue Flaherty asked me to write about how the corona virus pandemic has impacted my life, I spontaneously agreed. After all, I probably thought to myself, the newsletter deadline is a long way off …….. But as we have all noticed, time has a way of marching on, and now that the deadline is right around the corner, I sit down to write to you. I know full well, that you could also be writing to me, since each of us has a story to tell. (Please feel free to actually write to me if the spirit moves you. I ́d be happy to hear your story.)

I miss helping to execute long-planned Exploring Berlin events.
I miss taking part in the great adventures planned by other BIWC groups. I miss just casually meeting up with you.

The rhythm of my life has had to be re-tuned. It is more INTENSE.

PAINFUL LOSSES – not seeing my three younger grandchildren, 4, 8, 11 years old, no participation in group sports, no Sunday evening worship services to help with, no concerts to attend nor museums to visit in person, no joining with family or friends for meals together, no hair cut (resulting in wild curls), no help coming in from time to time to lend a hand with heavy cleaning.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS – gloves? masks? and if yes, which kind? Should I venture into the supermarket? And, and, and ………..

My daily WALKS – sometimes with my daughter, when she can manage to get away from her, also re-tuned, life with small children, who are not at school and her own now virtual work, OR with one of my two 20-something granddaughters OR alone – all “distanced” of course. I never fail to return home having observed thought-provoking scenes and people. After all I live here in a multi-culti, creative area, near the Spree, (which by the way thankfully just keeps on rolling along, oblivious to it all). Should I organize a Kiez tour here for Exploring Berlin, after the corona virus era ends?

Frequent, enlightening telephone TALKS with my health care advisor of 20 years, which keep me on course with my measures to strengthen my resistance to infections and other threatening attacks.

CONTACTS – Contacting and being contacted by a myriad of friends far and wide. The almost overpowering maize of CULTURAL OFFERINGS of high quality free virtual concerts, museum visits, worship services and these world-wide.

When one is confined to a small radius, as we are right now, the memories and reminders of all places visited, whether here in the Berlin area, or further afield, really pay off, enrich us. One ́s world is large, in spite of it all. I am thankful for the ways which BIWC has helped me to enlarge my world.
Maintaining friendships over all the years – in my case this really means MANY (over 80) also bears rewards – these are the gifts that keep on giving.

How much longer until we can slowly resume our BIWC life? Of course, no one knows. I do so look forward to it. I hope for the privilege and blessing of seeing you all again in person. Until that happy day let us continue to keep in touch virtually. Most importantly, I wish that we all may come through this in good HEALTH.