Dear Members,
The Board has been following the developments surrounding the Corona Virus very closely. We made the decision not to publish the April Newsletter and ask all SIG Coordinators to cancel all planned activities from now through to 20 April 2020 inclusive. The planned Annual General Meeting scheduled for 21 April is postponed until further notice.
We will continue to review the situation on further developments of the virus and recommended measurements from the Minister of Health and the Berlin Senat. We will monitor and evaluate these developments and keep you informed when we feel we can resume our normal events and activities.
The Berlin Senat has asked everyone to reduce social gatherings. Keeping in touch by telephone or cyberspace is highly recommended. Keep yourselves informed in the social media of the current situation; some members even post information of interest on our private Facebook page. Also check our website for updated information.
Most importantly fellow members, Stay healthy!
If you wish to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.
BIWC’s Executive Committee