It was such a pleasure to participate in the Murder Mansion Virtual Escape Game in March. As someone who loves jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and crime novels – this activity was right up my alley! We were split into two groups of four people to work together as crime scene forensic detectives in this interactive computer game. Our task was to solve the murder of a young housemaid at the Palmer mansion through a series of puzzles that gave us clues to name the murderer.

We played on our computers or laptops. We were also connected on a Zoom call so we could communicate with our team members. It was the first time all of us were playing a game like this online. So it took us a bit of time to figure how to manage the technology. But once we did, we were off through the abandoned mansion and solving clues for our investigation. The clues consisted of a series of challenging puzzles with numbers, letters, forms, and riddles. We needed a pen and paper to solve many of the tricky clues. It was a real team effort to come up with the answers! As a new BIWC member, I enjoyed this fun activity and getting to know those on my team better.

Frances Durocher