South-West Neighbourhood Group
In our group, we like to offer members a wide range of different activities. These include all sorts of outings to local beauty spots, museums and other places of interest. 18 of us even went on a shopping spree to a town in Poland where pottery is made and visited a factory and several shops there. We sometimes invite guest speakers to talk to us about their work, their home countries etc. and we also have the occasional cooking demonstration and organise potluck parties in each other’s homes. Our events, which are usually very popular, are open to all Club members, not just those living in the south-west of Berlin.

 North-East Neighbourhood Group
This group aims to introduce members to the many areas and aspects of this part of Berlin that are interesting historically and culturally, and to provide a meeting point for new members to get acquainted. Among many other things, we have visited art galleries, memorials, museums, a chocolate factory and a brewery. The Club is a source of enjoyment since members from all walks of life carry the world to Berlin. The Coordinators try to introduce our members to as many interesting aspects of Berlin as possible. In addition, we find smaller groups, such as this one, give members the ideal opportunity to better get to know other members.