What’s Behind That Door?

Whether you’re new to Berlin or have been here for years, there’s always something new to discover. In any casual stroll around the city, we are likely to ask ourselves: What does the garden behind that locked gate look like? What’s behind the door of that artist’s studio? Wouldn’t it be interesting to get inside one of the big government offices or courts and see what people were doing there?

The BIWC gives us a key to all kinds of interesting doors in the city. It could be a door to the home of a member from across the globe who is ready to share secrets of her native cuisine. It could be a door to a private museum, the founder of which is standing by to give a guided tour. It could be the door to an interesting restaurant that we might never have found on our own.

Even in the great Berlin outdoors, where we don’t need keys, we sometimes need our fellow BIWC members to show us the best paths in the park, to see where the spring flowers bloom first, or where the ducklings are learning to swim in summer. The Club is a great way to pool everyone’s knowledge of the city and everyone’s specialized access to places and people, so that we can all enjoy!

Photo credits:
Chinese paintings: Karen Axelrad,
Wilde Matilde restaurant: Inga Werdnik,
Tiergarten flowers: Veronica Riffle