BIWC Members

BIWC member Sylvia who recently returned from the USA to her birthplace Germany

Sylvia_KraemerFirstly, the BIWC means that no newcomer to Berlin from another country feel like a stranger in her new home. The twice monthly informal Meet and Greet gatherings offer an opportunity to get to meet and enjoy other women who have made Berlin their home.
Secondly, everyone who comes to Berlin from another country has an interesting story to tell.  This means that the Club is full of members who have encountered and overcome challenges of all kinds, be it personal, social, cultural and/or economic. Thus our membership is rich with opportunities for significant and lasting friendships.
Thirdly, a great strength of the BIWC is its broad range of interest group activities. These activities, which offer something for nearly everyone, require work and commitment to plan, organize, and lead. Like all organizations, the BIWC has too few who step forward to do the work required to ensure continued enjoyment for the others. I hope the Club’s 25th anniversary in October 2017 will be an occasion for renewed commitment from our “silent majority.” 

BIWC member Lucy from the USA

Lucy Jacobs_Former BIWC President

Lucy returned to Berlin in May 1991 after having spent the summer 1990 in the city between her 3rd and 4th years at university. Two weeks after graduation, she was on the plane and has never looked back! 

She became a member in 1994, after hearing about the BIWC at the farewell activities for the US military base. Sue Williams, membership secretary at the time, was there promoting the BIWC and Lucy thought it sounded like an interesting Club to join. Although she was already established in Berlin and not actively seeking contact to the international community, she says the Club did provide a wonderful opportunity to meet women from around the world. Lucy describes the various important roles she has played in the BIWC….

BIWC member Carol from the UK

Carol Coordinator of the SIG Business LunchCarol became a member of the BIWC in October 2012. Since joining the Club, she has had the “privilege” (to quote Carol) of serving on the Executive Committee. From March 2014 to March 2016, she held two very responsible positions, that of Secretary for two years and in her final year she was Vice President. Both very different in their areas of responsibility, but both gave her a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Leaving the EC after three intense years, she felt at a loss, no longer playing an active role. Carol would like to appeal to members to volunteer to take on an active role in the Club, offer their skills and learn new ones. 

BIWC member Berit from Norway

BIWC member Berit Sundahl from Norway

Longtime BIWC member Berit, originally from Norway, was President of the Club for one year 2006 – 2007 and she was also Membership Secretary back in the 1990s.

Berit has some great summer tips for new Berliners or for those of you who haven’t yet discovered these locations. Take a look at some of her favourite haunts where she takes her visitors.

BIWC member Brigitte Jaeger from Austria

Photo Brigitte Jaeger 2016I’ve been back in Berlin for two years now, after spending three years in the Czech Republic. I used to be a member of BIWC and rejoined on my return. All the years I’ve spent in Berlin, I’ve always lived in Mitte, first at the Hackesche Markt, and now close to Stadtmitte. I really love this neighbourhood, even though it has become a mecca for tourists, and sometimes you just would like to kick them to one side. I travel a lot on business but when I’m not travelling, I usually work from home. Here are some of the things I recommend to do in Mitte.

BIWC member Joan Luft from the USA

Joan_Luft-Vice-PresidentJoan became a member of the BIWC in 2014 and has joined in the activities of German Speakers, Exploring Berlin, and the occasional Meet and Greet. She plans to sample other activities as time allows. Joan says that BIWC has been a big plus in her life in Berlin and she is happy to do what she can to support its activities. Last year she was Vice-President of the Club, this year she is the IT & Web Coordinator.

In her free time, Joan set out to discover Berlin by walking along canal routes and surrounding lakes. Here are some of her favourites

Beatrix @ Wittenbergplatz distributing green bands

An interview with BIWC member Beatrix from Austria

Hilary from the UK used to be the Club’s Public Relations Officer on the Executive Committee (EC). In a letter to BIWC members in one of our monthly Newsletters, she strongly endorses the Club …