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Lorena from Majorca, Spain

Image new BIWC member Lorena Fa Everett

While many Berliners dream of escaping to the warmth and beauty of an island in Spain, new Club member, Lorena Fa Everatt, decided to move the other way.

Lorena was born and grew up on Majorca and later moved to Barcelona to study Art History and Interior Design. However, like many young people, she found that the economic recession meant fewer jobs for graduates without practical experience.

Her ensuing travels, including a spell in Frankfurt as an au pair, gave her plenty of new skills which come in useful now she is permanently settled in Berlin with her partner Craig and 5-year-old step-son, Scott. As well as working in a pharma company, 33-year-old Lorena is also an aromatherapy advisor, having discovered that essential oils cured her own skin problems. She is currently studying for a specialisation in feminine health.

She joined the BIWC in May this year and, as one of her hobbies is handicraft, she would like to start a Club group, teaching crochet, sewing, beadwork, lampshade-making and papier-mâché skills.

I want to help other members gain confidence in their own creativity. Beginners would be very welcome as well as those with some experience. I think the Club is such a great place for people who want to share their skills with others. We can all learn from each other.

Members are welcome to contact Lorena at lorena@sweetandlor.com

Our thanks go to member Liz Stolls for talking to Lorena. Liz will be attending future Meet & Greets. She hopes that members will be happy to have a chat with her so that we can find out more about them on our website.

Zeenat from Australia

BIWC member Zeenat HabibZeenat is Australian of Pakistani origin. She joined the Club in 2010, soon after moving to Berlin. The Club has given her the opportunity to meet women from different cultures and has helped her in getting to know Berlin. Zeenat enjoys attending the reading groups, business lunch and kool kiez whereby we explore different districts of Berlin.
Zeenat left the Club for two years as she was working full time but rejoined in 2019, as she found that the Club is a great way to expand her circle of friends and to meet like-minded women. Moreover, it is great way not to feel alone as you meet other women who are experiencing the same issues as they navigate through this wonderful city.
She served as membership secretary from 2015-2017. Currently, Zeenat is the the Vice President of the Club. She was motivated to volunteer for this position as it was an opportunity to give something back to Club that has been a very comforting place to make new friends.

Megan Thudium from the USA

BIWC Member Meghan Thudium

The BIWC is a wonderful group to be part of for its warm, welcoming and friendly members having embraced me with open arms from the beginning. As a person of diverse interests, the BIWC has allowed me to interact and take part in various social activities like charity, culture and music – and make a few like-minded friends along the way.

Shortly after joining the Club, Megan volunteered to join the web team and will help us to revamp BIWC’s website. The project will take about six months so watch this space!

Ina, BIWC’s Web & IT Coordinator, interviews Deborah from the USA

Member Deborah Wehrle with her dog

Deborah and Amber

How long have you been a member of the BIWC?
I have been a member since about 2000.

Why did you join the Club?
I joined the Club to be with English native speakers. A whole new world opened up for me, that is to say, a completely different view of life in Berlin for a foreigner.

What do you appreciate about the Club?
The possibility of finding interesting and open-minded women for any new idea, for example, starting a new Mahjongg group.

Which activities do you participate in?
I began with a dog walking group, then joined the tennis players. Later I led the French group, joined Film Buffs and started writing film reviews which I still enjoy doing. For a while, I was a member of the web team and looked after the Club’s secret Facebook Group.

What can you give back to the Club?
I give my time and energy as a volunteer in various positions.

Lucy Jacobs from the USA

Lucy Jacobs_Former BIWC President

Lucy returned to Berlin in May 1991 after having spent the summer 1990 in the city between her 3rd and 4th years at university. Two weeks after graduation, she was on the plane and has never looked back! 

She became a member in 1994, after hearing about the BIWC at the farewell activities for the US military base. Sue Williams, membership secretary at the time, was there promoting the BIWC and Lucy thought it sounded like an interesting Club to join. Although she was already established in Berlin and not actively seeking contact to the international community, she says the Club did provide a wonderful opportunity to meet women from around the world. Lucy describes the various important roles she has played in the BIWC….

Carol Marquardt from the UK

Carol Coordinator of the SIG Business LunchCarol became a member of the BIWC in October 2012. Since joining the Club, she has had the “privilege” (to quote Carol) of serving on the Executive Committee (EC). From March 2014 to March 2016, she held two very responsible positions, that of Secretary for two years and in her final year she was Vice President. Both very different in their areas of responsibility, but both gave her a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Leaving the EC after three intense years, she felt at a loss, no longer playing an active role. Carol would like to appeal to members to volunteer to take on an active role in the Club, offer their skills and learn new ones. 

Carol did return to the Executive Committee in 2018, this time in the role of President.

Joan Luft from the USA

Joan_Luft-Vice-PresidentJoan became a member of the BIWC in 2014 and has joined in the activities of German Speakers, Exploring Berlin, and the occasional Meet and Greet. She plans to sample other activities as time allows. Joan says that BIWC has been a big plus in her life in Berlin and she is happy to do what she can to support its activities. Joan was Vice-President of the Club for one year, and then became IT & Web Coordinator for the following two years. This year she is a member of the web team.

In her free time, Joan set out to discover Berlin by walking along canal routes and surrounding lakes. Here are some of her favourites

Hilary Horsfield from the UK

Hilary HorsfieldHilary used to be the Club’s Public Relations Officer on the Executive Committee (EC). In a letter to BIWC members in one of our monthly Newsletters, she strongly endorses the Club …