Hilary Endorses the BIWC

Hilary Horsefield

When I was Public Relations Officer, it was my job to spread the word about the BIWC, and I was more than happy to do so because I think the Club is fantastic. What is so good about it? Lots of things!
We play a vital and unique role in the Berlin area. We help those who are new here to settle in quickly and feel at home, and then, through the very many activities, friendships can be further developed and interests pursued.
The wide range of nationalities, backgrounds and ages of our members is remarkable. Where else would you have the chance to make friends with so many very different women?
The monthly programme is truly impressive: there are just so many activities from which to choose. Meet & Greet is one of the highlights for me. These regular monthly morning and evening meetings in wonderful German tradition (Stammtisch) provide a great opportunity for everyone to get together for a couple of hours of relaxed conversation.
Finally, I have always been impressed by how professionally the Club is run. Having been  a member of the EC, I saw just how much hard work is involved. It is only because so many are willing to play their part that things run as smoothly and successfully as they do.