Penny’s 8th Annual Tea Party 12th August

Penny's VerandaDespite the heatwave, our hostess, Penny, must have spent many hours in her kitchen, baking for the 18 ladies who had signed up to attend her annual tea party in the garden of her beautiful home. On the day, she had been on her feet for nine hours, setting up beautifully decorated tables on the veranda and her English lawn, so the guests had only to arrive, enjoy the perfect ambience, sit back, enjoy the fruits of Penny’s endeavours, and, as ever, the good company of other Club members. It was nice to see Chris Larkin-Peter again, who has done so much for the Club in the past, and she gave her full support to Penny, so there was little left to do for the guests. Thank you, Chris.

Penny Fischer - Tea Party August 2015

Above all, thank you, Penny, and I’m sure I speak for all those who were there, it was a wonderful, perfectly-arranged afternoon, a first for me, and I hope you’ll continue in the sense of “the same procedure as every year.”

My relaxation came to an abrupt end when I was put to work in my function as the BIWC Treasurer. Penny delegated the counting of the contents of her piggy bank, into which members had also deposited additional donations, to me  :-))

Proceeds from the day (€485) were donated to the Hestia Frauenhaus (one of the six women’s shelters in Berlin).

Thank you card from the FHPenny received this lovely card from the Frauenhaus showing items made by some of the children staying there. She was thanked for her support and help. The donation from the tea party will be used to support the women and children when they first arrive at the shelter.

Julia Lang