Zoom Conference: Peru, the best culinary destination in Latin America

Zoom Conference: Peru, the best culinary destination in Latin America

Cook In & Dine Out Coordinators Diana and Natasha invited members to a journey through the history of Peruvian gastronomy and the best known typical Peruvian dishes.

The gastronomy of Peru dates back several centuries and is recognized as one of the best in the world, not only for its exquisite flavour, but also for its variety and ability to include foods from other culinary cultures.

Thanks to the mestizaje (fusion) that has characterized the history of Peru, the Peruvian typical dishes are the result of the influence of Spain, Africa, Italy, China and Japan. Peru also has the privilege of having three natural regions strongly differentiated by their climate and vegetation that allows farmers to sow and harvest a great diversity of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, in addition to the large number of species from the Pacific Ocean. (Remarkably, in Peru 5,000 varieties of potatoes have been classified).

In November 2019, Peru was recognized as the best culinary destination in the world for the eighth consecutive year at the World Travel Awards. The culinary distinction has its foundation in Lima, considered the gastronomic capital of Latin America, where Central and Maido are located, two of the ten best restaurants in the world, according to the most recent ranking of the British magazine Restaurant.

The presentation of Peru began with an online toast with Pisco Sour, the most traditional and well-known Peruvian cocktail.

Then Diana took us on a tour through the history of Peruvian gastronomy, to find out why Peru has been acclaimed as one of the world’s best culinary destinations in the last 10 years.

Lovely pictures of regional products as well as meals from the fusion of Peruvian cuisine with each gastronomic influence accompanied the presentation.

Certainly the cuisine of Peru was a hidden treasure for a long time.