Science Group Members favourite Non-Fiction Books

Giulia Enders: Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Under-Rated Organ

Book_The Gut_Giulia EndersGiulia Enders won several science slams with her charming and humorous explanation of the digestive system and has found a wide audience. Within three years, the book sold 2,2 million copies and has been published in 40 countries. Now the whole world learns about gut bacteria and its influence on Alzheimer Disease, obesity and allergies. And of course gut basics such as the best position to poo. Not yet convinced? Why don’t you take 15 min to watch her on YouTube? Just search for Giulia Enders and Charming Bowels. Price: €8 – €18        

Iris Grötschel / Martin Grötschel: Mathematical Berlin: Science, Sights and Stories

Book_Mathematical BerlinIn this book from 2016, former BIWC member Iris Grötschel gives us a fascinating sightseeing tour through the history of Mathematics in Berlin. It is the ideal gift for inhabitants and visitors who are interested in science. You will discover a new side of Berlin. Price: €14,95



Kristin Lippincott: Astronomy

in the Children’s Book Series “Eyewitness” (8-12 years). The book offers a lot of detailed information and even a big poster for the wall in a child’s room.

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Rebecca Sklot: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Book_The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksThe cells of Henrietta Lacks (HeLa-cells) have been one of the most important tools in medicine during the last 60 years, helping to fight polio, cancer and viruses, and to understand gene mapping. They were taken without the knowledge of the poor tobacco farmer Henrietta Lacks and provided the basis of a multi-million industry. Henrietta and her family, who were also used for research purposes, did not receive any financial reward for services rendered. The book provides a very interesting insight into the brighter and darker sides of scientific history and offers food for thought about bioethics. The book was published in 2011. A film based upon the book with Oprah Winfrey and Rose Byrne was released in 2017. Price: €6 – 48€

Julia Shaw: The Memory Illusion: Remembering, Forgetting and the Science of False Memory

BookCover_The Memory IllusionForensic psychologist and memory expert Dr. Julia Shaw explains how memory works and convinces us how easy we all remember things that never happened. You will rethink your life and start to search for proof of your memory after having read this international bestseller from 2016. Price: €6 – €9



Richard H. Thaler / Cass R. Sunstein: Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Book: nudgeNobel Prize winner Richard H. Thaler and Harvard Law School professor Cass R. Sunstein show us in this easy to read and enjoyable bestseller from 2009 how we can improve the quality of decisions by analyzing biases and using sensible “choice architecture”.  Price: €7 – €19





Sheila Watt-Cloutier: The Right to be Cold: One Woman’s Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet            

BookCover_The Right to be ColdSheila Watt-Cloutier is one of the world’s most recognized and influential fighters against climate change and for the environment and human rights. Among many other awards she won the Right Livelihood Award, also called Alternative Nobel prize, in 2015. In her passionate memoirs she draws parallels between the protection of the Arctic and the survival of the Inuit. Due to a reprint, you might have problems buying this book in Germany before Mai 2018.


Peter Wohlleben: The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate

BookCover_The Hidden Life of TreesThis scientifically disputed international bestseller by a German forester has influenced many to see trees as being more similar to human beings than as part of a decorative natural surrounding. For hundreds of years, the Germans have a cultural deeply-rooted love for forests and trees. Wohlleben’s book full of anthropomorphism can be interpreted as a modern, environmental minded story telling that is based on the same love that we find in German Romanticism. Price: €9 – €15

Andrea Wulf: The Invention of Nature: the Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt

BookCover_The Invention of NatureAccording to his contemporaries, Alexander von Humboldt was “the most famous man in the world after Napoleon”. His exploration in South America between 1799-1804 produced a lot of new information about all kinds of living organisms and their interconnection. He realized that colonists in South America who cut down whole forests had permanently influenced the climate in these areas. Czar Nikolas hired him to inspect mountains in Russia for diamonds and precious metals. His scientific works influenced Darwin, Goethe, Thoreau and the poets Woodsworth and Coleridge. Price: €8 – 21€

Prices: range between eBook, print and audio version.