Social Groups

Business Lunch
Business Lunch September 2016This bi-monthly activity is not only for business women, although we do extend a special invitation to our full-time working members to join us for lunch. Many nice upscale restaurants provide a business lunch menu for under € 20  to give diners an economical way of trying out their restaurant, hopefully tempting them to make an evening booking. Restaurants visited to date.

Compass is a word with a variety of meanings such as the topics of our meetings – personal life experiences, travels, hobbies, art, music, and also special skills which members would like to talk about. Compass tries to open the door for members who are interested in a particular topic and want to get to know one another on a personal level in a relaxing atmosphere.

Cook In & Dine Out
Cooking sessions @ members’ homes or a visit to one of Berlin’s many restaurants. Daytime, evening and weekend activities are on offer so that all members have a chance to participate, which hopefully they will! 

Elegant Soirées
SIG Elegant Soirées dining @ Ellington HotelAs the name of the group indicates, we offer members the opportunity to experience unique, elegant, up-market social gatherings. These will take place in the evening or at the weekend and members can bring along a partner or a friend. Our activities will not necessarily be organised on a regular basis. We’ll offer an event when we identify a suitable location and the opportunity to meet our chosen criteria arises.

Evening Group
This group was established to accommodate not only our working members but also those members who expressed an interest in having more evening events.   The group meets every other month, sometimes in the home of member. We shares our experiences on issues facing expat women, we meet for after-work cocktails or have a potluck dinner, watch a DVD together and do some business networking and lots more.

Kool Kiez
Kool Kiez invites members to meet for lunch or an evening meal in one of Berlin’s many districts/localities. We plan to visit cafés and restaurants on a monthly basis, which will give you the chance to explore new areas or maybe visit some of your favourites along the way. Kool Kiez will give you the opportunity to meet in a small group and chat and also sample some good, reasonably priced food at the same time.

We have four Mahjong groups that meet regularly in members’ homes. More groups can be formed, depending on the willingness of newly-trained members to host games in their homes. Members who wish to learn to play the game should contact the coordinators via the Club Newsletter. Training sessions will be arranged once there are enough interested members. Tips will also be given about sets and books to buy.

Last but not least:
The Forgotten Men
The Forgotten Men group was founded in 2000 as a BIWC associated group for international men only. It not only consists of husbands/partners of BIWC members but also of Germans and expats who love to meet in restaurants all over Berlin. We discuss exclusively the subject of how to better the lives of our beloved spouses even more 😉.

Thomas AndersonLike the BIWC, our language is also English. We normally meet once a month, and we are now in our 19th consecutive year. A fellow member of the group wrote a wonderful text in praise of Thomas on the 10th anniversary of the “Forgotteners.” Testimonial_Thomas_TFM

To join the group please contact its founder and sole chairman Thomas Andersen under or 030-8826772.


Potential members are encouraged to attend our monthly Meet and Greet meetings to find out more about the Club’s activities. Members can find details how to sign up in the Club’s Newsletter.