Dear ladies,

Our new EC has been active for four weeks and we are enjoying working as a team.

During the first Newsletter distribution we faced a technical server’s problem (during the late evening) but with support from our web team we found a solution and managed the distribution in time. No one in the team complained about hours of work in the evening – since then, we believe that we are a good team.

During our first Executive Committee meetings, we discussed what vision of the Club we have and how our Club is different from other International Clubs in Berlin. Apart from nearly 30 years of successful existence, our Club is the Club for women of different nationalities, who wish to share their cultures and learn about other’s. That’s why we have started to mention the National Days of each member on the FB private page. We are hoping to restart a good tradition to visit Embassies and learn more about them.

Diner en blanc - President & VP

President Inga (right) & Vice President Diana (left)

We are also hoping that our members who have been missing activities and social gatherings during the pandemic will actively participate in them from now on. The Meet & Greet get-togethers in July and August were very successful – we have welcomed a few new members and had a wonderful time together. The Lunch in White was such a beautiful event, attended by 42 members. Thank you to Cook In & Dine Out Coordinators Diana and Natasha! We also met with Special Interest and Neighbourhood Group Coordinators and were informed that all activities are being well attended.

We are thankful to all members who DO NOT ONLY SERVE OTHERS BUT VOLUNTARILY DONATE their free time, even resources, to make other members’ lives more colourful – thank you to all of you! Without your energy this Club wouldn’t be the same.

And, of course, we are hoping to get new active members to be able to keep our BIWC community growing.

We approved our first donation (€500) to Deutsches Rotes Kreuz in support of the flood victims in Germany – we are happy to be able to help!

Stay safe, enjoy warm days and God bless you all!

Inga Werdnik, President