Dear members,

Just like the rest of you, I am living in the middle of what no one has ever seen or experienced before. SARS-COV-2 has forced governments around the world to decide on measures that mean restrictions for our everyday lives. For me, it has meant: no sports, which I love so much, and which I usually do several times a week, no dinners at restaurants with friends, no 40th birthday party for my partner, no 18th birthday party for my son, no visit to my parents for Christmas, just to name a few. We have all had to make sacrifices due to COVID-19 but we know that it’s essential to stick to these restrictions in order for everyone to be safe(r).

In these times I am particularly happy to be responsible for the Club’s Newsletter. While it is always challenging to make time for this job, as I’m working full time, it gives me the chance to get away from the daily routine once a month. At the beginning of the pandemic it was a difficult and uncertain situation specifically for the activity Coordinators who were unsure about what could be done as an alternative to their usual activities. But they have successfully adapted to the new situation and we now have Newsletter issues again counting 30 and more pages.

So, let’s be a little more patient and wait for the day when we can go out again whenever we feel like it and when we don’t have to stick to any “AHA” rules but hug our friends when we see them. Until then, let’s be thankful for the numerous Zoom activities that our Coordinators prepare each month. They keep our Club alive in these challenging times.

— Yvonne Lashani, Newsletter Editor